A Memorable Journey

Linda Wing had the opportunity to travel to Uganda with a team from Hope Community Church in Surrey, BC to serve at the Living Hope Centre in Gulu. Linda recalls, “We were all very excited to see the Living Hope ministry in person and to help out in any way we could. 

We assisted with the Keep a Girl in School program by preparing sanitary care packages and distributing them to local schools. This program is such a blessing to these girls as it enables them to stay in school. 

Additionally, a few of our teammates spent time with the women of Living Hope learning how to operate sewing machines, cut material and stuff toy plush giraffes. We witnessed firsthand the hard work that goes into the creation of Living Hope products and we would strongly encourage everyone who has an opportunity to see the Watoto Children’s Choir on tour to do so, and to purchase some of these high quality products. It is such a blessing to the women at Living Hope and to the ministry itself!”

Living Hope helps empower vulnerable women to gain life and business skills, improve their quality of life and generate an income. The products purchased during the upcoming Signs and Wonders tour and on the Watoto web store are handmade by these women and helps to support the women and the Living Hope program. To purchase a product, visit our online store or stay tuned for concert listings in a city near you!